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Nightmare Fuel: Generative AI, Synthetic Biology and Implications for Biosecurity, by Brendan Walker-Munro

Generative artificial intelligences (genAI) are seemingly everywhere. Google’s Bard and Gemini, Bing’s Copilot and the infamous ChatGPT have joined a slew of smaller programs with applications in everything from healthcare to architecture. But the dark side of AI is not far behind: regulators and police have noticed a rise in scams fuelled by genAI. Universities are buckling under the pressure of distinguishing…

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Call for Submissions to the Emerging Threats Journal (Rolling Submissions)

Are you interested in publishing your analysis or commentary on emerging threats and technologies? The Emerging Threats Journal is now accepting short submissions on topics pertaining to the national security implications of critical and emerging technologies. While we particularly welcome texts relating to the themes of our events, submissions are open for any topic relevant…

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Review: Accelerating Defense: Techno-Security Rivalry, AUKUS, & the US Presidential Election, James Galkowski (29/01/24)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on January 29, 2024, to discuss defence innovation, techno-security rivalry, AUKUS, & the US Presidential Election. Led by James Galkowski of the Silicon Valley Defense Group, the session offered insights into defence innovation and government-industry relations in the US as well as international cooperation efforts such as AUKUS and…

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