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Review: Grand Strategy, Great Power Competition, & Seabed Resources, Thea Dunlevie (27/11/23)

The Emerging Threats group convened on November 27 for its final seminar of term on Great Power Technology Competition and Grand Strategy. The session began with an overview of the evolving landscape of great power competition, reviewing the work done by the Emerging Threats Group throughout the year. The session then focused on the emerging…

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Review: Great Power Competition, Disinformation, and Subversion in Africa, Caroline Baylon (20/11/23)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on November 20th, 2023, for a discussion on Great Power Competition, Disinformation, and Subversion in Africa. The session was led by Caroline Baylon, Director of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Future Generations and Research Associate with the Emerging Threats Group. The session explored growing disinformation in Africa, particularly how…

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Review: Terrorism, Prediction, and Emerging Technologies, Joshua Stewart (13/11/23)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on Monday, November 13, for a discussion on Terrorism, Prediction, and Emerging Technologies with Joshua Stewart, National Security Fellow at the Airey Neave Trust. The session explored Stewart’s RUSI paper “Linguistic Fingerprints and Ideological Fragmentation” and new counterterrorism (CT) approaches enabled by emerging technologies against the backdrop of the…

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Review: Theory & Practice of Cognitive Warfare, Deterrence to Grand Strategy, Marco R. Provvidera (2/11/23)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on November 2, 2023, for a discussion with subject expert and attorney Marco R. Provvidera on cognitive warfare, practice, and legalities. The discussion centred on the increasingly important role of cognitive warfare and the “sixth domain” in great power competition. In the session, the difference between cognitive warfare and…

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Review: Artificial Intelligence, Decision-Making, and the Future of Conflict, Adam McCauley (6/11/23)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on Monday, 6th of November, for a Q&A session with Canadian defence analyst Adam McCauley to discuss artificial Intelligence, decision-making, and the future of conflict ahead of his book publication. The book (called, “The Price of Certainty”) explores the role of artificial intelligence across a range of sectors, including…

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Review: The Russia-Ukraine War, Deep Strike, and Escalation, Harry Halem (19/10/23)

The CCW Emerging Threats Group convened on Thursday, 19th of October, for the first discussion of the academic term to discuss Harry Halem’s new U.S. Army War College Parameters article, “Ukraine's Lessons for Future Combat: UAS and Deep Strike.” Analysing Ukraine’s war experience, the paper reviews the resilience of society and the ZSU to adapt…

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